Ever Wondered How Your Smartphone Can Help You Through Pregnancy, Birth And What Follows?

Pregnancy, giving birth and becoming a new mother are probably some of the scariest, yet happiest, times of your life. For many years we have had access to materials and gadgets to make life for a new mother that little bit easier. However, this seems to have really taken off to a new level over the past few years. You now have access to various smartphone apps specifically aimed at giving you piece of mind by ensuring that both you and baby are happy.

Kick Counter

The Kick Counter app is specifically for iPhone users and aimed at expectant mothers who are 25 weeks or more into their pregnancy. The tracker is easily operated by touch-screen and can help to reassure the parents to be by simply counting little ones’ kicks.


Contraction Timer

This app will keep you fully informed about your contractions as you begin to go into labour. It will let you know what to expect and what is considered normal by keeping a record of both the frequency and duration of each contraction.


Breast Feeding Friend

One of the most frightening things about being a new mother is trying to reassure yourself you’re doing things the right way. It doesn’t matter how many people tell you things will come naturally, you still worry. This is the perfect app to ease some of those worries and will help you keep track of vital information such as feed lengths, feeding information and which side your baby is due next time.


Fitness Builder

One of the major worries after pregnancy for many mothers is whether they’ll get their figure back. Well, you need worry no more as this is the perfect app to tense and strengthen those weak core muscles back up. As the name suggests, this app will help you build up your fitness levels, as well as help you get your body back into shape. There are various fitness plans to choose form, depending on your actual fitness levels and you will be guided through each exercise by a portable personal trainer.


White Noise Lite

While most new mothers stress about how their child is sleeping at night, they often forget about their own needs. Not only do they have to train their baby how to sleep at the right times, because of having to be constantly alert and on the move they may need to retrain themselves to sleep again. This app is extremely simple and offers 10 very different natural noises that are known to relax the mind, which can of course aid sleep.



Not only is this a great app for mothers, it’s actually well suited to any busy person. This can best be described as a “To Do List” app that allows you to efficiently organise your time. You can quickly create or edit tasks and place them into folders which all appear on the same page. No doubt you have a million and one thing’s to do and organise on a daily basis now, so why not make things a little easier with the Tapdo app.


Today’s guest post is contributed by Thomas Grieg. He is marketing manager at littlebeba.com.au, a prominent store for buying mums gifts online. He is a tech savvy person and loves collecting new gadgets.

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