Egofly Hawkspy LT-712 RC Helicopter with Built-in Camera

Every year new products end up being released, and simply because new technology is also being released many toys right now are far more fun. One of these new products that have been released are remote controlled helicopters, which is something that is fun for both adults and children alike. There’s a lot of folks who have used a remote controlled helicopter that their friends have owned, and after that they went out and got one for themselves mainly because they were so much fun. Should you be one of the men and women who want one of these products, one of the options you have is the LT-712 RC helicopter with built in camera and we are going to be talking about it here.

Egofly Hawkspy LT-712 RC Helicopter with Built-in Camera
Egofly Hawkspy LT-712 RC Helicopter with Built-in Camera

The initial thing I should mention concerning this product is that it’s actually much larger than some of the ones you might have seen before as this one is just over 14 inches in length. Even though some of you may be thinking that this is too large to use indoors you’ll discover that it was actually created to be used outdoors as well. Yet another great feature relating to this is that it has the ability to get your kids outside rather than having them coped up all the time inside playing video games.

Another great feature concerning this product that you will not find in other remote controlled helicopters will be that this one actually has a built in video camera with an SD card. The SD card is actually included in your purchase and is a micro card that will allow you to record 1 GB of video. They in addition include a card reader which you can hook directly up to your computer making it easy to transfer the videos from the card to your computer. The 640×480 video camera fastened directly beneath the cockpit of the helicopter will provide you with good quality videos although they’re not high definition.

The helicopter itself runs off a rechargeable battery however to be able to use the remote control you will need to purchase six AA batteries as they are not included with the product. Simply because this is really a new product that has recently hit the market, if you’re trying to find reviews you will not discover that many for this specific item. Something I ought to mention would be that you are able to actually see two reviews concerning this product on the Amazon website from folks who have actually purchased and used it.

You are in addition going to find it if you decide to purchase this product you would be better off buying it from Amazon as you can save over 71% off the list price meaning this is only going to set you back $97.00. An additional benefit you’ll have by purchasing this from Amazon is the fact that they are going to actually ship this to your house and they are going to end up taking care of the shipping fees.

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