Easy Guide for You to Edit Videos with Windows Movie Maker

Have some fantastic videos shot during an unforgettable trip and want to make them a full movie by your own for later enjoying? Well, you are in the right place now. Here I will share with you an easy tutorial to make movies with the free Windows built-in Movie Make.

Windows Movie Maker is a Microsoft launched freeware video editing software and it is one part of Windows Essentials software suite. With it, you can create and edit videos with ease. Also you can publish your created or edited video directly on some popular video sharing sites as SkyDrive, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr. It is very efficient and easy-to-use. Now follow the brief tutorial to edit video with Windows Movie Maker (available for Windows 7):

1. Import the video clips you want to include in the new video

Launch Windows Movie Maker and in the main interface, simply click on the Add Videos and Photos button under the Home tab and then browser to select the items you’d like to add to the program. Then click Open button. (To select multiple items, you can repeat this step over and over again. Or you can hold down the Ctrl key to select more items at a time.)

2. Trim Video Length

This Movie Maker also allows you to trim the beginning and end of a video clip and then you can reserve your desired part in the final movie. Here is how:

To trim the beginning of a video clip, you can click the video clip you want to trim and then move the playback indicator on the storyboard/ timeline to set the start point. Now click on the Edit tab under Video Tools. Here you can simply click the Set start point button and then you just trim the beginning of the video. You can refer to this process to trim the end part of the video.

3. Split a video into two parts

Want to exchange the playback order of two parts in one single video clip? Don’t worry! Movie Maker will help you easily complete the job. Drag the playback indicator to the place you want to split the video. Then on the Edit tab under Video Tools, click Split button and the split job is done. Then you can drag any split parts to where you want to put (front, middle or end of the final movie) Very easy!

4. Change the playback speed of the video

You can either speed up or slow down the speed of your video in Windows Movie Maker. To do so, you can click the video and then hit on the Edit tab under Video Tools, extend the Speed list and then select a speed you want to apply to the video. That’s it.

After finishing the edit, you can click the Save movie option at the upper right corner to save the movie to your computer. You also can click the drop-down arrow to select other way to save the edited video.

Although this freeware Windows Movie can do a pretty good video edit job, it still has the drawback: it doesn’t support DVD video format. So if you want to edit some homemade DVD or a favorite movie DVD you should turn to the professional DVD ripping software to convert DVD to Windows Movie Maker compatible format for further edit.

Lacey Young writes for DRM-assistant.com. This site provides readers with compact, practical, green computer software, mobile apps and useful tips, tutorials, etc. You are welcome to this site for more practical computer knowledge.

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