Document Scanning Services – What to Expect?

Today, many organizations are outsourcing their document scanning requirements and there is a reason why this service has become very popular. While some offices want to have a paperless workplace to reduce the impact on the environment, others want to ensure better efficiency and organization. Whatever may be the reason for opting for document scanning, there is no doubt that this is one service that you should take a closer look at. Of course, you will also be curious to know what does document scanning involve and how do service providers go about it.


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What to Expect from Your Document Scanning Service Provider

Your document scanning needs will depend on the kind of documents you want digitized. Most offices want standard A4 documents scanned, but there are others, such as architectural and engineering firms, that would like large blueprints to be scanned. And, there could be still other businesses that want just receipts and invoices scanned. Each type of document has its own scanning process and service providers use the most cost-effective and efficient method for scanning.

Scanning can be done in colour, grayscale or black and white. While colour scanning can be eye-catching, it is the grayscale scanning which offers the best quality, even better than black and white scanning. You can always ask the service provider to give you samples of all three and you can judge the quality to determine the type of scanning you need. Of course, this will have an impact on the cost, but we will come to it a little later.

The saving of scanned documents takes place while the documents are being scanned. You would have to inform the service provider how you want the documents to be saved. You can save them by name, title, reference number or any other method of filing that you would like. Documents are usually saved as PDF, JPEG and TIFF files, as they can be accessed by most computers. However, you can always request for a different format, depending on your need.

Once the documents are scanned, the scanned images are placed on disk and return to the customer along with the paper documents. You have the option of shredding the paper documents to save space or you can hold on to them to cross check the work of the service provider and then dispose the paper documents. Once you get the scanned images, you can upload them on a secure server and grant access to users with the help of passwords. Some service providers will also help in uploading the documents if sending the scanned images via a disk is not feasible. They will use FTP protocol to upload and you can use a similar protocol to download the scanned documents.

Cost of Document Scanning

In today’s world, most businesses are looking to cut their operational costs, so it goes without saying that you will be wondering what will document scanning services cost you. Different service providers have different rates for scanning, but it goes without saying that if you make use of bulk scanning services, it will work out to be extremely cost-effective and affordable. Simple document scanning is always more affordable than optical character recognition (OCR) and indexing. However, even this additional service is great value for money, as you will be able to make your documents searchable and archiving is extremely easy and convenient.

Document scanning services have become very popular and you will benefit from using these services. If you want a more organized and systematic office while reducing document storage costs, this is one service that you should consider right away.

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