Daily Dose of Invention: Technologies that are Changing the Way We Live

So many new technologies have begun to pop up over the last few years that it is sometimes difficult to keep track. From self-parking vehicles to groundbreaking medical devices, it is no doubt that everyone’s daily lives are under a constant state of evolution. Technology brings us closer to an amazing and sometimes terrifying future. Here is a glimpse at some of the newest devices and technologies that are changing how humans live.

Daily Dose of Invention Technologies that are Changing the Way We Live

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Remote Video Monitors

Closed-circuit and remote video monitoring has been around for multiple decades, but its been only recently that this technology has found its way into the daily lives of millions. Small business owners can simply turn on their tablet to check up on employees, or ensure that lines at their office are not getting long. Mothers are also able to allow their children to rest comfortably with high-def wireless video monitors that keep a watchful eye on a sleeping child.

3D Technology

3D technology has moved well beyond entertaining creatures at theme parks and is now truly changing the world. 3D printers are commercially available to anyone with a price tag that often rivals household appliances. These devices have huge implications when it comes to serious changes in humanity ranging from printing electronic hardware to rebuilding organic limbs.

Home Automation

What better way to implement new technology than to automate a home? According to Lewis building technology, the notion of home automation goes all the way back to the Epcot Center in Disney World. And now it is becoming commonplace in houses from all over. In its most basic concept, home automation can mean as little as remotely controlling air temperature, or turning on the security system. More advanced options include the ability to dim lights, lock doors, and even check on appliances.

Digital Media

Countless billions have been invested into protecting some of the world’s most renowned media objects, but the digitization of these images, videos, and soundbytes has changed the world forever. Not only can this media be altered to clean up blemishes or revitalize colors, it also has deep implications about the ownership of media. Modern artists now have to consider the fact that their media can be seen or heard from anywhere in the world, often at little or no cost, from the moment that they release it.

While this small collection of technology may seem revolutionary, it is modern studies that are proving to be the most exciting. Many cannot even guess as to how and when technology will change lives in the future.

By Brooke Chaplan

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