Da-lite Projector Screens

There are many types of projector screens available in the market. You can select one of them for some reason. The perfect projector screen should have good resolution, contrast, and reflectivity and color accuracy. Da-lite projector screens can be considered the best and perfect if you want to use them for your auditorium or boardroom. These can help in enhancing the video quality for training rooms and home theaters.

Da-lite is offering Pico Screens that are absolutely convenient in use. These are portable screens that are perfect for the small projects. When you are discussing with two or three people and you need to deliver a presentation. You can use this small sized portable projector screen. It is also perfect for the students for simple and small presentations. The weight of Pico da-lite screen is only 4.5 and the casing of the screen is absolutely solid to prevent the damages.

Recordex Retract Projector Screen Manual 50" x 80"

There are two types of materials that have been used in building projection screens. One is white material that is being used for decades and the other is gray material. All of the digital projectors are made of gray material that could boost the color and contrast performance in your presentation. Da-lite is offering Matte white project screen that is quite suitable for hospitals and stage. You can buy it in only $49 from all of the best and renowned online shopping centers. It is not its original price. It is available on discount.

If you are interested in any projection screen for classroom or for your conference room with an easy and simple pull-down system, you can select Da-Lite Model B Manual Wall & Ceiling Projection Screen. It is available in only $74 from the market.

In short a screen with good resolution can make your projects clearer and fascinating for the viewers and Da-lite projection screens are coming with high resolution and clearer view of the videos and presentations.

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