COWON X7 160 GB MP3 Player

Storage room is a thing that many men and women find very important in an mp 3 player, and for quite a lot of these men and women 60 GB is just not enough. One of the largest reasons men and women are always looking for more storage space for an mp 3 player isn’t necessarily for audio files, it’s so they’re able to watch and store more videos. Because of the compression rate that can be used with movies you will find that a 60 GB mp 3 player could store 30 or more movies, but in the event you wanted to add more you would need to delete some that you have on there already. This is why we of decided to take a much better look at the COWON X7 160 GB MP3, that will permit you to store are many more movies.

COWON X7 160 GB MP3 Player
COWON X7 160 GB MP3 Player

For those of you who have already been shopping around searching for an mp 3 player that has more storage, you must already recognize that this product has nearly the largest storage on the market. You need to also recognize that you are going to have the ability to store about 80 movies on this device using a standard compression rate. And for individuals who don’t mind a little less quality you actually have the choice of using a higher compression rate and saving more movies. One more thing you may like relating to this product is that when it has a complete charge you can watch about five standard movies before the battery must be recharged again.

Obviously for those of you that are only going to be utilizing this for playing MP3 files you’re going to find that a complete charge will permit you to listen to them 24 hours each day for more than four days straight. And for people who have a lot of MP3s you’ll see that if that is all you store on this device you’ll have the ability to store over 40,000 files. You may also be happily surprised to find out that unlike other mp 3 players in the marketplace, this product has an FM radio.

When you take a look at the reviews which have been done for this device from men and women who have purchased it you’re going to find that the reviews are actually all over the place. About 50% of these reviews were good reviews that provided it with a four or five out of five star rating, from the people who really liked this item, and there were 64 reviews done on this item. Of course having said that you will see that 29 of the men and women gave this a three or less star rating mainly because they weren’t happy with their purchase.


For individuals who believe that this would be a good product for you you’re going to find that you are able to actually purchase it from Amazon for about $285. The fact that this is one of the largest storing mp 3 players on the market today really makes this something you ought to take a look at if storage is very important to you.

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