Convert Your Old Cassettes and Records to CD With No PC Using the Neostar Vinyl2CD

Anyone born in the eighties or before will no doubt remember seeing rooms full of their parents’ records and cassette tapes. Vinyl records undoubtedly provide a traditional crackly sound that cannot be replicated and winding up tapes with a pencil became a task that was iconic for any music fans back in the day. This said, technology has moved on and we can now carry round days’ worth of music on a device no bigger than the smallest of mobile phones.

Neostar Vinyl2CD Turntable

So what can the retro music fan do with all of the classic albums that they still have on record or tape? The answer is simple as the Neostar Vinyl2CD was created in order to provide the perfect solution.

This ingenious device, which is available from many reputable suppliers can convert all your music from your outdated formats to CD so you can enjoy them on your hi-fi or in the car – you could even upload them to your computer to transfer them to your portable music player. This is due to the unique ‘audacity’ software that is installed on the recorder.

Neostar Vinyl2CD is not dependent on a personal computer either, meaning that music can be converted by the least technical of consumers. As with most products on the more respected retail sites, customers interested in this great audio product can save a great deal of money on the recommended retail price – in this case as much as £100!

The Vinyl2CD can be purchased in two sleek colours, silver and black and a range of peripherals (such as extension cables etc) are also available making the upload process even easier. Why not invest in an authentic veneer stand for your Neostar Vinyl2CD?

This item could turn out to be the ideal Christmas gift for anyone with relations who have hoarded their records and cassettes since the 60’s and find themselves struggling to play their favourite tunes. The product even comes with a free stylus and additional ones can be obtained for the paltry sum of £9.95.

To see this incredibly clever device in action, readers can explore the web to see some of the sites that are showcasing the NeoStar. On many sites, they can see a video of the Neostar Vinyl2CD in action and can also peruse some great customer reviews. Look out also for the frequently asked questions section which also covers the most popular queries that consumers have about this item.

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