Content Management And Content Delivery

This post was written for the ones who own or manage a website. Today the regular hosting (content delivery from your website to users) has a big problem called latency. This means that a user will have a delay from the moment when he or she requests your content until the user gets it.

Latency is caused because the info must travel thru Internet and move from one network peer to another. If you have a server in US and your visitor is from Europe the user will have to wait for the information to get from US to his country. This lowers your website performance.

See how the standard hosting works in the image posted below.

content delivery network standard hosting

This problem can be fixed by using a content delivery network. A content delivery network delivers your static objects (video, images, audio files – *any* static object) at up to 10x faster than a normal hosting. See image posted below to see how this works.

content delivery network how it works

Using a content delivery network web objects (software, images, videos, audio files) are delivered directly to users from the Internet major peering points. Which means that the user will get the desired content extremely fast.

Utilizing Internet major peering points your website performance will increase dramatically because latency is reduced.

The prices to get access to a content delivery network start from $99/month.

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