Common iPhone Faults that can be repaired

Even after 6 years, the iPhone is still an extremely popular smartphone. Most people that buy one are hooked, and simply will not consider buying anything else.

The iPhone is well made, but, like anything that gets used every day, they do eventually begin to wear out. Fortunately, many of the common faults that iPhones develop can be repaired by firms like iPhone Repairs Preston.

Amongst them are –

Cracked or damaged screens unfortunately iPhones do not bounce and no matter how careful owners are, most will eventually drop their phone. Usually when this happens the screen crack or breaks. Fortunately, a good iPhone repair shop will carry screens, so can usually fix this fault in just a couple of hours.

Antenna problems occasionally iPhones begin to develop signal issues.  Normally this is because the antenna has worn or become lose. Replacing it normally solves the problem immediately.


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Water damage most people use their iPhone absolutely everywhere, including in the bathroom and toilet. Every day hundreds of people drop their phone into water or spill drinks over them. Usually that is enough to stop the iPhone working. Again, this issue is something experienced repairers can sort out, but sometimes it can take a day or two.

Charging issues Because people use their iPhone a lot they need to charge it frequently. This can result in the battery becoming worn and not holding its charge. Sometimes a replacement is needed, but as the phone ages it is not uncommon for there to be an issue with the charging port, which can be replaced.

On/off button issues – The on/off or power button on any phone is a fragile component and on iPhones it is normal for the pad under the button to wear and become unresponsive. Again, this is a simple repair, which can be done in just a few hours.

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