Coby MP620 Video And MP3 Player

If you’re like most men and women you probably already have an mp 3 player, however there are still many men and women who are looking to get one. If you purchased and mp 3 player in the past you probably know how much cash they can actually cost. If you’ve ever priced out these types of products I am sure you have all ready realized the costs that is involved. The device we are looking at in the following paragraphs is much less expensive and extremely affordable. And speaking of quality, you’re going to realize that this device has more features than many other products on the market today.

Coby MP620 Video And MP3 Player
Coby MP620 Video And MP3 Player

One of the great things about this item is that it not only just plays mp 3’s it has a video player built in. Everybody loves to watch movies and also the fact that you can take them with you using this unit makes this the best choice. In the event you look into the memory of this product you are going to discover that you can store four gigabytes of information, which means you can save more than a single movie. Some individuals get this product simply because of the video feature as it can help keep their kids occupied on long trips.

If you’re not really a movie person you are going to also be very happy to know you can save over 1000 mp3s on this player. Obviously if you figure that mp3s are approximately 3 minutes each that will provide you with about 50 hours of continuous audio. You’ll also discover that the battery in this device will permit you to listen to audio for up to 8 hours before it needs to be recharged. One more thing I want to mention concerning this unit that you’ll not find in an additional devices like this is that it actually comes with a FM radio.

One other feature about this product want to point out would be that you can also add text files to it. So if you’re one of those people who download E books, you’ll discover that you can read them right on this product. Some individuals think that they are able to only save audio files or movies but in fact you can save both on this product. This way you never need to worry about getting bored with exactly the same thing over and over.


You may possibly also be pleasantly surprised to find out that you are going to only need to pay about $25.00 to get this device. Needless to say I should mention that this is the selling price in Amazon charges and not the price that you are going to get it for in a retail outlet. Amazon is actually saving you $12.00 from the suggested retail price by marketing it for such a low cost. If you decide a check this product out on Amazon you will find that most of the folks who purchased this have left excellent reviews on the product. So if you’re looking to get your very first mp 3 player or even upgrade your current player this is really a sensible choice.

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