Choosing the Safe Directories for Internet Downloads

There are many negative effects of downloading any file from unfamiliar sites on the internet. This is usually due to the fact that attackers are known to distribute malicious programs such as viruses by providing them as internet downloads. Innocent internet users will then download the infected files without knowing that they are putting a virus on their local drives. The virus then multiplies itself and attacks all the partitions of your computer hard drive.


There is therefore a great need for all of us to learn how to choose the right sites to obtain internet downloads from so as to safeguard ourselves from viruses.

Reading user comments about a certain file is always the sure way to tell whether or not an internet download is free from any malicious code. Many are the times when users go back to comment to the website whenever they are unimpressed by internet downloads. You will therefore have a certain level of guarantee that a file is safe if it does not have bad comments.

Scanning internet downloads with an updated antivirus programs will also protect you from malicious programs that may be planted in the files. The virus will be blocked before it multiplies itself which would be harmful.

Protecting your identity

Using free usenet services may help you with the safety because they feature no censorship, no logging of IP addresses and other information.

Identity theft is a major problem these days. Using third party services for anonymity when surfing the web or downloading files.

If you want an example the site protects your privacy and also offers download speed up to 100 Mbp. Also you can test their product for free to see if you like it.

Security in file sharing directories:

Many people obtain internet downloads from file sharing directories. These are sites that offer a platform for users to share files with other users by uploading them to their accounts. There is a great risk in this as a virus maker finds it very easy to share infected files to distribute their viruses. Many top directories have scan all files for viruses before providing the download link for the user. This however may not protect you from new virus versions as it takes some time for the file to be flagged as infected.

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