Recent reveals about specs and release date of iPad Air 3

iPad Air 2 was pretty satisfying having all the contemporary demands like being trimmed, less weight and more efficient in comparison. Among the introductory parts, it was Touch ID fingerprint sensor added. Anyway, time has come to focus more on the next edition iPad Air 3. Some are calling it iPad 7 as well. We have come up with all recent details like release day, cost and speculations. Have a look! Image source Pixabay iPad Air 3 release date probabilities Taking a dig at the release … [Read more...]

Addicted to Your Smartphone? Five Great Upgrades for Your Device

Anyone addicted to their smartphone knows that, while you may love everything it does, there’s always something which needs improvement. Whether you’re looking to expand your phone’s battery life, storage capabilities, or the abilities of its features, there’s an upgrade out there which can help. Image sent by author MicroSD Card If you have a MicroSD port, don’t let it go to waste. The extra storage can hold your apps, photos, videos and music. Phones have a limit on how big your microSD … [Read more...]

Mastering Location Based Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

Location based marketing is one of the hottest forms of advertising. It uses a customer's exact location to target that person with ads based on where the individual is at any given moment. You might offer a 10 percent discount to shoppers when they enter a store, or you might give customers a discount for visiting a new location. Check out a few ways that you can master this new art for your business. Images sent by author Choose the Right Coupons The right coupons will appeal to customers … [Read more...]

Five great features of the android 4.2 tablet

Most tech savvy people know that currently the android 4.2 tablet is actually the latest version of all tablet operating systems buzzing in the market. People who are used to other brands are discovering that the latest arrival has so many features that make owing one among the best things anyone can aspire for. Perhaps it is in order for us to consider at least five of the greatest features that it comes with which every user will fall in love with as we await the next hot item on the market. … [Read more...]

7 Things to Consider Before Purchasing A Smartphone

In the past only business people used to carry powerful smartphones with them. No these smartphones became a necessity even to a common mobile user to stay ahead of others in this highly competition world. People are very busy that they don't want to miss their social buddy tweets, important calls and emails when they are out of their office desktops. So, they are attracted towards smartphones which provide instant stock market and business news, access to important office documents, emails and … [Read more...]