Experience Matters

In the world today, experience can be seen as many as extremely important in terms of being successful in life and in a number of different occupations. In fact, some may see experience as more important that education or other types of knowledge. While there is debate on what is most important, the role of experience cannot be overlooked. Learning and Experience One of the biggest difficulties that teachers can have when they begin to teach is to recognize that not all their students learn … [Read more...]

Basic Requirements for Payment API

If you want to accept online payments, you will have to do some legwork first. There are three ways that you can do this: have access to a merchant account; register with a payment gateway system that works with banks to process payments; or use a hosted payment gateway like those that are provided by Stripe or PayPal. These constitute the basic requirements for a payment API for your online store or business. But which one is the most lucrative for your enterprising needs? Typically, a … [Read more...]

Registering Canadian Domain Names

The Internet is a worldwide business locale. Companies from all across the globe are on the Internet, posting to blogs and social media sites and uploading content to their websites. Given the wide variety of companies on the Internet, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish where a company is located just by its URL or domain name. Canadian companies and firms have nothing to fear when it comes to registering Canadian domain names. The unique distinction of a Canadian domain name can allow a … [Read more...]

When it Rains it Pours: DNS Floods

DNS servers are the backbone of client-server communication on the Internet. They are a fundamental aspect of how we get around in cyberspace, and how other entities can find us. Since DNS servers have so much power and access across the Internet, it should come as no surprise that hackers have found a way to manipulate them to cause harm – specifically, to launch our devastating Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). The Internet’s Directory Think of DNS servers as part of a big Internet … [Read more...]

All You Need to Know About Hit Counters

A Hit counter is a counter which simply counts numerically how many people made a visit to your page.  Such a counter will work like a background process and will try hard to stop providing delays to the visitors. The simple box can be easily adjusted onto a webpage with smart positioning. Many webmasters like to place a Hit counter on either side of their webpage. Every time a visitor lands on your website, the counter will increase by 1. If the very same visitor refreshed his page, he/she … [Read more...]