Kitchen Technology: Five Items Every Home Should Have

Kitchen technology has advanced to make your everyday activities much easier. This means you will never have to dread spending a few hours in the kitchen ever again. While almost every aspect of the kitchen has been improved with new technology, these are the six new items that everyone should have in their kitchen. Image sent by author Smart Slow Cooker Slow cookers are great to have a tasty meal after a long day of work, but controlling the cooking process was impossible when you … [Read more...]

Drop-Proof: The Best Accessories for Protecting Your Gadgets

Portable gadgets allow people to take their electronics everywhere they need to go. You can take your cell phone, your tablet, and your laptop everywhere you need to go. Don’t forget the e-reader for your downtime. The bad part about dragging around your electronics is that you’re at risk for dropping and breaking them. Image source Pixabay Tablet There are many different tablet cases that will offer protection. Tablet cases are a little easier because you don’t need to worry about the … [Read more...]

Upgrade and Save: How to Get the Latest Tech Without Breaking the Bank

It’s not just fun to buy new tech, it’s often a necessity. As system requirements for apps and programs change, older computers and phones often can’t handle the latest software. While upgrading can be exciting, it can also empty your wallet if you don’t know how to find the best deals. Thankfully, there are ways that shopping-savvy tech hunters can upgrade to the latest tech without going broke in the process. Image sent by author Coupons Did you know that even if the item you’re … [Read more...]

Is iPhone 7 making a debut on 2015 or 2016?

It’s almost been a year since the last iPhone was released. In fact, last two iPhones were released. September is the time when the unveiling event takes place, and the actual market release happens few days later – that’s what we have been seeing for a long time now. Now that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was released back in last September, it’s getting the time for a new iPhone’s arrival. What is it going to be, an iPhone 6s or iPhone 7? While many sources are suggesting it’s going to be the … [Read more...]

What Are The Main Differences In The Popular Drones On The Market

How Does the Competition Measure Up to the GoPro Solo 3DR? The GoPro Solo 3DR is a state of the art aerial photography drone featuring a full complement of the latest features and built as the premium product in its class. The Solo Drone is the world’s first smart drone, featuring dual processors that give it precision controls as well as advanced stability measures such as Safety Net. The GoPro 3DR works with an Android or iOS app that serves as a viewfinder as well as a control unit, and … [Read more...]