Casio Scientific Calculator FX260SLRSC

If you want to purchase a calculator, you want one with the functions you need and brand doesn’t matter. Despite the many types of calculators, individuals tend to be loyal to a certain brand irrespective of functionality. There are instances when a certain calculator fails to measure up to expectations, people respond to the whole brand and never buy from them.


The recognized calculator for the GED math tests and one of the few allowed in SAT and PSAT tests is Casio’s FX260SLRSC Scientific Calculator. This particular Casio calculator is durable, light and thin, and is solar-powered, which means that it will go on working all the way through your tests. You’ll find a mode menu just below the calculator’s screen so you won’t have to flip through a user guide to use it. You can easily calculate fractions, convert to degrees, minutes or seconds and do it both ways. You will be able to calculate standard deviation and mean also, but it does not have complicated number calculation or HEX-OCT-BIN conversions.

This is an excellent one-lined calculator that is ideal for calculus class. It is very affordable, but better than ones that cost more. Although the solar-powered battery keeps the Casio Scientific Calculator (FX260SLRSC) running, you may have trouble in a dark room. There might be issues if you use the calculator while on the bed. The calculator is very durable and keys are really responsive to the touch. This little calculator is all you will need for mathematics class.

Kids in the sixth or seventh grade will find this Casio calculator the best calculator. The Casio Scientific Calculator (FX260SLRSC) will carry out all of the basic stuff, and introduce them to calculations that are more advanced. It can easily switch between basic operations and more advanced functions. It has the ability tp calculate cubes, square roots, squares and cube roots. Additionally, you can do pi and trig functions and their inverses. This Casio calculator can carry out several other functions. The keys are easy to press, has a protective cover that is removable plastic, and for only ten dollars, the Casio Scientific Calculator (FX260SLRSC) has a pretty good price. Overall reviews for the calculator have been positive with many people being satisfied with the value they got.

Casio Scientific Calculator FX260SLRSC
Casio Scientific Calculator FX260SLRSC

Casio’s Scientific Calculator (FX260SLRSC) does everything it claims and does it well. Though the reviews have been positive, the poor reviews were more high expectations than what this Casio calculator delivers. If you are seeking a full featured calculator, then this may not be the best one for you. The Casio Scientific Calculator (FX260SLRSC) is a superb calculator for both grade school and high school kids.

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