Caring For An Elderly Family Member Through A Home Automation System

Do you have an elderly family member who lives far from you and needs more help and security than you can currently give them? If you are like many people, the answer is a worried “yes.” Many are concerned about their loved ones who cannot quite take care of everything in their lives anymore. Perhaps the most worrisome aspect of this is the fact that they may not be as safe as they once were, especially if others know their age, and perhaps solitary condition. While you may not be able to keep their home secure by being physically close to them each day, you can do the next best thing by getting them set up with a home automation system.

Convenient Care

An adequate home automation solution system allows for greater safety and security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system has five major elements to it, which include video surveillance, remote access, electronic door locks, smart thermostat, and lighting and small appliance control.

These five elements are not simple features that are installed and always run from home. Each of them can be monitored and controlled by an app on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This is what makes the home automation system so valuable for children or grandchildren who want to make sure their elderly loved ones are safe. Features that enhance this safety are particularly the video surveillance, electronic door locks, and lighting and small appliance control. Video surveillance is fantastic feature because it can be set to detect and record any motion. It can also be set to monitor and record certain times of day or night. The footage can then be sent to a loved one via a text message. Loved ones can also make sure their elderly family members have locked doors each night and that all appliances, including things like curling irons, are always turned off, so the home is safe and secure.

Comfortable Security

In addition to the safety aspect, a loved one can make sure his or her elderly family member enjoys greater comfort through a home automation system. This is particularly true through the smart thermostat feature. An elderly individual may not remember to adjust the thermostat, whether in the home or before he or she leaves for the day’s outing. However, with the simple app, a loved one can easily adjust the temperature for greater comfort in the home. It will also help that individual save on heating and cooling bills.

This Home Automation System is perhaps the most effective way for someone to care for an elderly family member when he or she cannot be there in person. No longer will you have to worry about that person’s safety and comfort. Being in control of the situation will undoubtedly put your mind at rest. It will probably give your elderly loved one more peace of mind as well. You will both be able to rest assured, knowing that individual is in good hands.

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