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Price: Free

OS: Android and iOS


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WorldMate is essentially your personal assistant when it comes to summer travel. The app allows you to easily manage all of your bookings, from your flights, hotels to cars and transfers, by placing all of the information in one place that’s easy to access.

WorldMate also allows users to create and edit an itinerary for their upcoming trip, including plans for excursions, travel arrangements and hotel addresses, which you can share with friends and family using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The iPhone version of the app has additional features, allowing you to search for the best hotel deals before you book, as well as receiving alerts when WorldMate has discovered any upgrades or savings available to you.

In addition to that, WorldMate offers a five-day weather forecast so you can plan for your up-coming trip, a currency converter to ensure you’re not paying over the odds, and a global tipping guide that accompanies a tip calculator.

Lonely Planet Guides, Phrasebooks and Maps

Cost: Free



The Lonely Planet is the ultimate authority when it comes to travelling, and the creation of the Lonely Planet app has enabled thousands more users to access its hints, tips and advice wherever they are in the world.

The app offers city, country and regional guides for over 50 countries across the globe as well as audio phrasebooks to help you communicate with the locals wherever you go. If you find yourself being whisked away to Paris or even London this summer, discover the true beauty spots using the Lonely Planet audio guides for no additional charge!

The app really is any traveller’s perfect travel partner!

XE Mobile currency app

Cost: Free

OS: Android and iOS


All too often when you’re abroad people find difficulty in calculating just how much everything costs. The last thing you need is to get ripped off by a street vendor who has made a quick buck of your confusion over exchange rates, which is where the XE Currency app comes in!

Aside from keeping you informed with the daily exchange rates for all major currencies worldwide, the app also allows you to calculate the equivalent in another currency based on the exchange rate that day, which is perfect for working out exact amounts for meals, souvenirs and ice-creams!


Cost: $0.99



The iSunBurn app is pretty much self-explanatory; it helps users avoid getting burnt in the sun whether you’re at home or abroad.

Simply choose your current location or a different setting entirely, and the app will calculate the UV index as a guide to how much you should cover up. The weather might look cloudy outside, but using the iSunBurn app, you can feel assured that you’re not going to come home with red shoulders!


Cost: Free

OS: Android and iOS


Triposo, similarly to the Lonely Plant app, is brilliant for giving you hints and tips about what to see and do when you’re visiting a new country. Simply select which country, city or region you want a guide to, and download it ready for offline use, to ensure you don’t rack up any pricey roaming charges!

The guides tell you where to go, what to see, where to eat and outlines the best bars and clubs to go out after the sun’s gone down.


Cost: Free

OS: Android and iOS


Last but not least is Swackett, one of many great weather apps that can keep you up to date with the weather outside before you’ve even surfaced from your bed in the mornings.

What makes Swackett stand out for me is that, unlike so many other weather apps, it guides you on what to wear according to the conditions outside. If it’s sweltering at 30°C, it will present its Swackett figures wearing shorts and a t-shirt; if it’s cloudy with a bit of rain, the character will be wearing a rain jacket. Simple!

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