Beats Solo Hi-Def Headphones with ControlTalk

The Beats Solo Hi-Def Headphones with ControlTalk (Red) was designed by Dr. Dre with audio lovers in mind. Right this moment they are the hottest audio accessory on the market as athletes, artists and actors are trying to get their hands on them. These headphones are highly popular since it is feature rich and offers amazing sound.

Beats Solo Hi-Def Headphones with ControlTalk
Beats Solo Hi-Def Headphones with ControlTalk

The Beats Solo Hi-Def Headphones possess a precision-engineered speaker design that is state-of-the-art, together with powered noise cancellation and powered amplification.

With the help of Beats Solo HD, you’ll have a sonic experience on the level of high-definition. Every detail can be heard with ultra precise highs and mids and deep, distortion-free bass, all because of their state-of-the-art proprietary titanium coated driver technology. These are great light-weight headphones, whether you are cruising down the street, at the gym, a frequent tourist or just going for a run. It’s easy to store in coats, suitcases, or bags for its streamlined tri-fold design. ControlTalk has 2 exceptional features.

The first feature enables you to control the volume and playback of your iPod with the on-cable control. If you need to talk to another person while listening to your audio program, you can isolate the sound to each ear so that you can hear both the conversation and the audio. Beats Solos HD headphones let you hear audio programs, no matter where you are, with the perfect balance of thumping noise and light and portable gear. They have everything, by giving you full control over selection and volume with the ControlTalk feature. The majority of people who ordered these headphones were quite pleased with it. Others were not so floored with the headphones saying that there were others that are much better.


Reviews by consumers are usually all over the map. An individual is judging the product, in this case headphones, with headphones that are very inferior, so they are very pleased. Those who had higher priced headphones discovered that the Beat Solo headphones are not in the same category. Bearing that in mind, you should be careful when you read through reviews, either good or bad, since your experience could end up being like either one. In case you have used cheap headphones in the past, you’ll probably like the Beats Solo Hi-Def Headphones with ControlTalk (Red) where if you have expensive ones, it might not matter.

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