AVG Security Toolbar 4.5

AVG security has a new toolbar version. AVG Security Toolbar 4.5 brings new Facebook, Skype and Weather features.


Three new features will be added to the AVG Security Toolbar:

  • A Facebook button to allow users to access their Facebook page, update their status and stay notified with customised alerts
  • A Skype button to launch a Skype client (if one has already been installed)
  • Customised weather information

The main feature of this release is the addition of Facebook functionality, allowing customers to access Facebook features via the toolbar.

Using AVG Toolbar 4.5 you will be able to:

  • Update your status from the toolbar
  • Receive Facebook notifications. The Facebook notifier (pops up in the lower right hand corner of the screen, just above the system tray) shows new messages, friend requests, event invitations, pokes and all other notifications (e.g. someone has posted something on your wall). Users can decide which notifications they receive.
  • Easily see new pokes, friend requests and messages through a small icon next to the main Facebook icon on the toolbar.

Also you can access key Facebook features, directly from the toolbar:

  • Home: Takes user to their Facebook home page
  • Profile: Takes user to their Facebook Profile page
  • Photos: Takes user to the “Photos” section of their Facebook profile
  • Inbox: Displays the number of unread messages on their Facebook page
  • Friend Requests: Displays the number of unprocessed friend requests
  • Share a link: Takes the user to the “Links” section where the user can post a link
  • Update Status: Clicking on this item launches the following app window which allows the user to enter a status message that will posted to the user’s “wall”.

The toolbar will be useful to AVG users which use Facebook and Skype often.

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