ATM Savings Bank

Want to save money in a funny manner? Then the ATM Savings Bank is the gadget for you.

ATM Savings Bank


This battery-operated cashpoint-style piggy bank allows you to make deposits and withdrawals without leaving home, and it even recognises the value of each coin so you can check your ‘balance’ whenever you like.

Notes are deposited via a motorised slot under the keypad and coins go in a slot by the LCD screen.

There are even a few flashing lights and realistic beep-beep whirr-whirr sounds to add to the realism.

ATM Savings Bank features:

  • Recognizes each coin and lets you set a target savings amount and check your balance at any time
  • Accepts both coins and notes – automatically draws in notes through front slot
  • "Bank card" included. Insert your card and input a 4 digit code to use the ATM. (Please don’t use this ATM card at a real ATM machine. You wouldn’t think we would have to point that out…)
  • Coins automatically counted; notes require value to be keyed in
  • Alarm clock and calendar function
  • Machine lights up and makes "real" ATM sounds when in use, (whatever "real" ATM sounds are).

Pricing and availability

The ATM savings bank cost £19.99 and you can find it on

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