Apps to boost workplace productivity

Today, technology has become a buzzword. Here’s a quick snap shot on the apps that boost productivity of the employees in a long run.

App Launchers


This free launchy no frill apps is easy to use and with it one can do multiple things on the PC using keyboard. Hit the Alt+Space tab to bring launchy up and type whatever you feel like. You can launch apps, open the files and folders and navigate through the web pages. There are dozens of third party plug ins that adds functionality. This app is available with Windows, Mac and Linux.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

The Keyboard shortcuts can vary depending upon the software that you use. To find and learn more about the shortcuts, you can head to Shortcutfoo (, it is a free app where you can do drill exercise to memorize the shortcuts for various programs. You can even download and install software like CheatSheet for Mac and Ultimate Windows 8 Shortcuts to view the available shortcuts in the software.

Easy Backup

It is a free plan from Crashplan ( that lets you to take back up of multiple computers to the connected hard drive. It proffers incremental backup of an existing data as well as differential backup. You can even set automated backups that run in the background unattended.

Mac OS X

It has in built time machine that offers back up feature and lets you to connect the external hard drive and use it to backup not just the contents of entire hard drive but also a system image- a complete current state of the system. You can even try a free app called as SuperDuper!( It offers other features like selective file and folder backup, inbuilt scheduler to automate the process.


A free app known as Slimcleaner proffers an easy to use interface for maintaining the PC performance. The software finds and removes the junk files, prevent errors and optimize the overall system. You can even run on- demand scan or schedule to be done within a stipulated time frame. You can even select the individually select folders and sections that needs to be analyzed and it comes with a huge range of scanning tools for the computer.

Mac OS X

For Mac OS X users, there is an app called as Cocktail( that lets you to schedule the maintenance on daily basis. All you need to do is to choose the specific tasks and optimization tool that runs on a specified time and app will take care of the rest. You can even customize the look and features like dock, login windows and modify hidden settings is available. Cocktail also proffers you to select what happens when post optimization task is complete. You can log out, shut down and restart the device.

Fight against Spam

BullGuard Spam Filter for Windows

It is free and easy to use software that sync well with Outlook, Outlook express, Windows mil or Mozilla Thunderbird email set up. It blocks all the phishing mails and foreign language spam mails, it even gives you option to create a blacklist to block email from a particular source as well as whitelist to block all the mails.

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