Apple TV MC572LL/A

If you are searching for big entertainment, it is precisely what you’ll find with the cutting edge Apple TV MC572LL/A, despite its small size. You’ll have a wide array of HD films and HD TV shows either readily available for rent or to own. You will also have the ability to watch even more movies and videos from websites like Netflix and YouTube. As soon as you connect Apple TV to the TV with the HDMI cable, you can actually watch pics or listen to your favorite audio files that are on your laptop.

Apple TV MC572LL/A
Apple TV MC572LL/A

With the Apple TV you get a remote, which is aluminum and has seven buttons, to easily enjoy thousands of TV episodes, rented for just 99 cents each episode. The programs, which are high-definition and commercial free, are yours to rent, where you can have them for 30 days, until you hit play, and then you just get them for another Two days. On the iTunes store, there are roughly 7000 films with about 3400 titles in HD and many of the new films appear in the store at the same time as the DVD release. Photos and mp3s could be streamed from your PC or Macintosh to your Apple TV then on to your entertainment system.

The Apple TV is smaller sized than previous models, performing in an enclosure of less than four inches square. The Apple TV may be plugged in by using wireless-N Wi-Fi or via Ethernet connection and is powered with an internal power source. Alongside being compact in size, the Apple TV has a very low power operation that’s cool and quiet. If you want to control the Apple TV, you could use the provided remote or, if you download the Remote app, you can use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

For the most part, customers are extremely happy with their Apple TV, but there a few complaints. Many individuals hoped the Apple TV had Hulu Plus or ESPN streaming on the unit. The ESPN streaming can be quite a big issue with everyone who really likes sports, and it can cost a great deal to pay for single episodes when you can pay every month for hulu plus. Another complaint was, to use anything the pc must be switched on and have iTunes opened. One more issue is that the Apple TV does not immediately turn off when the TV is switched off. Although it isn’t a big deal, it is a bit irritating.


Like every product on the market, the Apple TV MC572LL/A has good and bad points. If you can disregard the bad points, the $100 asking price makes it an excellent deal for many people. Before buying, make sure you read other people’s feedback to see how they feel.

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