Air Purifiers for Smokers

A quality cigar is best appreciated when the area you are smoking in is free of other scents that can affect its true flavor. Air purifiers are a great tech gadget for any enthusiasts of cigars, because they remove impurities from the air that can hamper smoking enjoyment.

There is currently a wide range of air purification technologies available to individual consumers. Filtration systems force air through a filter that traps particles in the air. Some filtration systems include an activated carbon phase of purification that also removes odors from the air. Ionizer purifiers are another popular air purification system. Ionizers generate electrically charged ions that attract air particles to a charged plate for collection. They also produce a small amount of ozone, within industry safety standards, which has a fresh scent and also helps sanitize the air.

Air purification systems are designed to effectively clean areas based on cubic square feet. Cigar smokers should make sure to purchase a model with enough power to accommodate the size of their favorite room to smoke in. Respected retailers of cigars, such as Famous Smoke, frequently offer a great selection of air purifiers to meet cigar smokers’ needs. Here are some popular models of air purifiers for smoking dens.

#1. Csonka Super Smoker Cloaker

Air Purifiers for Smokers 7

#2. Perfect Air Tower Air Purifier

Air Purifiers for Smokers 8

#.3 Csonka Turbo Fresh Air Purifier

Air Purifiers for Smokers 9

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