A cool RadioiPod Dock Etón Porsche P9123 DAB

Etón Porsche P9123 DAB is one of the most collets gadgets I have seen lately.

Etón Porsche P9123 DAB Radio iPod Dock

Extruded from high quality aluminium, the stunning Etón Porsche P9123 DAB radio arrives with a separate made-for-iPod dock. The design is amazing: a geometric acrylic block is seamlessly fused onto the metal housing for an eye-catching look, with three 1.5” full-range speakers projecting well-balanced and crystal-clear audio into your living space. And with 15-watts RMS of power available to the 3” active subwoofer, things can get as bone-rattling as you want!

The Etón Porsche P9123 DAB also boasts DAB/FM/AM/MW compatibility and an alarm clock with snooze, ensuring you should always be able to wake up to your favourite radio shows. A 3.5mm stereo input is available for connecting a portable stereo device such as an MP3 player or CD player. Includes metal remote control with integral torch.

Etón Porsche P9123 features

  • Clock   Yes
  • Dimensions   H14.1 x W13 x D22.9cm 
  • Headphone socket   Yes 
  • Power supply   Mains, battery (4x AA for alarm back up
  • Preset stationsThe number of stations that can be programmed into the memory   20 DAB, 20 FM
  • Radio tuner   DAB, FM, MW, AM 
  • Weight   2.8kg 

Pricing and availability info

Etón Porsche P9123 DAB Radio/iPod Dock cost £328 and is available at Johnlewis.com.

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