6 Ways Windows 8 Will Protect Your Data

Windows 8 promises an array of features that make using our computers that much safer. In a world where we are using more web-based applications, a move towards cloud computing continues to grow, and there are a huge number of security threats to all of us as we use the internet, security, storage and backup are a huge concern. Windows 8 will have a number of features, such as integrated Windows 8 backup options and other online security technologies and more. Here is a look at those features.

  • Web Safety. Windows 8 will incorporate new features such as what is known as ‘SmartScreen’ file checking. This means Windows 8 is constantly searching and warning itself against bad sites, malware and viruses. This system is already being integrated into Explorer 8, but it will also become a part of the operating system. In simple terms, the operating will intercept nasties before they get to your machine.
  • App Store. An App store will be the place to get your software. That means, all of the applications on the store have been checked and verified. There will be no wondering if you download an application that it could potentially include malware. Applications on the App Store will mean we are safe.
  • Encryption. Encryption features mean that you can change the way that everything is stored on your machine. If it is stolen there will be no way for anyone to dig up that data. Facial recognition will be the main way that encryption can be unlocked although a password option will probably still be available.
  • Facial Recognition. Passwords can still be guessed by intruders. They might even see you typing it in as you start up your machine. Facial recognition will be the password of the past when starting up your machine. This is about the best protection available. If it is not you who is starting up your computer, it will not open up your account.
  • System Reset. If your machine crashes, you will not have to panic as you might have in the past. Windows 8 will have a push button reset feature. This will reset your whole system to the original factory settings without removing your data or files. You can think of that as comparable with reinstalling the whole operating system. Your whole system will be fresh without losing any of your data.
  • Backup. As many of Microsoft services move online, we can expect many more features with our Windows Live accounts. Including storing much more information, system settings, and even a backup feature to store a snap-shot of your system is at any particular time.

Windows 8 is incorporating many features and functions of many of the other operating systems and their improvements, while greatly expanding on those features at the same time. Big changes are coming, and they will benefit us all.

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