5 Tech gadgets under 100

If you are looking for tech gadgets under 100 you are on the right blog. We have put together are top with 5 cheap tech gadgets.

Top tech gadgets under 100

1. CD/DVD Repair Kit

CDDVD Repair Kit 


  • Cleans and repairs all your CDs, DVDs, CD-RWs, CD ROMs
  • Also repairs your XBox, Playstation, Nintendo Wii, Sega Dreamcast and GameCube game discs
  • Repairs damaged discs to give them a new lease of life
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Simple Instructions

Price? £19.95.

2. Digital Photo Frame Keyring

Digital Photo Frame Keyring

A tiny 1.1-inch full colour LCD display panel linked to an in-built 4MB memory chip does the business, enabling an average of 56 pictures to be stored in complete safety and security, in a compact but bijou 96 x 64 pixel format. An in-built 3.7V lithium battery is all it needs to stay in tip-top form, while ever-faithful USB 1.1 technology takes care of the data transfer in a trice.

Manual or automatic slideshow? You choose.

Price? £11.99.

3. Wireless Weather Station – SmartWeather

Wireless Weather Station - SmartWeather

Wireless weather station with remote sensor (100m range) provides accurate temperature readings for indoors and outdoors. It has loads of other features including weather forecaster based on barometer readings so it will give you an indication wether to take your sun hat or umbrella, when you leave the house. The SmartWeather will also store your record high and low temperatures, and feature as alarm calender and clock. Overall this is a great desktop gift for any occasion.

Price? £19.95.

4. Eco Button


We can all shut our eyes and jam our fingers in our ears for as long as we want – global warming is here to stay. You can still make a difference though. Have you ever wondered how much energy you waste leaving your PC sitting idle while you’re away from your desk? Quite a lot it would seem, and all of it adds up over the years creating a hefty carbon footprint that could only be rivalled by Bigfoot… if he used a PC, and drove a truck, and left his Sky box on standby in the cave all night. That’s where the Eco-Button steps in.

Plug this little gizmo into your USB port and give it a tap every time you have to leave your desk. Whether it’s for a long drawn out meeting with the boss or drinks at lunchtime the Eco Button makes sure that your PC and monitor draw as little power as possible. Not only do you get to see how many carbon units you’ve saved when you reactivate the PC, but, and this is the best bit, the Eco Button software will also show you how much cash would have been spent if you’d left the computer on – genius, and fun too.

Price £14.99.

5. USB Armageddon Hub

USB Armageddon Hub

The Hub – there are four USB sockets on board – enables one to connect this sublime tension-relieving, mirth-creating device to one’s PC.

The hub looks frighteningly realistic.

Price? £39.99.

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