4G phones: 3 Examples

The industry standard for wireless telecom is rapidly changing after having enjoyed a few years of relative stability with the 3G networks.  Although 3 G is a very fine, rather fast technology, customer demands for more speed and more capacity has made the industry push ahead and develop and implement the 4G technology, which promises tremendous speed and adds even more possibilities to the capabilities of a cell phone.  4G phones, or 4G capable phones, are the new industry standard for service providers that have 4G networks. 

4G:  Faster for better web browsing

4G phones are like their 3G predecessors, only better and faster.  With their more powerful processors combined with the high speeds of the new network, data download speeds will possibly be faster on a 4G phone than on a home internet connection.  For a person who heavily uses their phone to watch videos, play games and video conference, this means that the experience will be seamless, without the annoying slow-downs and wait times that could occur with the 3G phones and networks.

4G phone examples:  Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S® Blaze™ 4G

The 4G phones that are on offer now use a variety of operating systems, with Android-powered smartphones being among the most popular.  Touch screens are the norm, as are QWERTY keyboards for ease of typing.  The phones also come with an array of nice and handy features, such as 5 megapixel cameras with basic photo editing software apps included.  For example, a mid-range 4G phone that is popular with customers is the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, which offers HDTV viewing, Bluetooth connectivity, an HD camcorder, and a music player.  What also makes this 4G phone interesting for the consumer is that is can be used internationally as it is compatible with networks in other countries.  Furthermore, one can still use the older 3G network if one is in an area that has yet to deploy 4G.

Another good 4G phone is the LG Double Play, which is actually 4G compatible.  With its QWERTY pop-out keyboard, flash and zoom capable camera and rapid 1GHz processor, this is another device that promises a great web browsing and communications experience.  Furthermore, what makes this 4G phone outstanding is the fact that it has a dual touch screen, meaning that a person can carry out two functions at once, taking full advantage of the 4G network’s potential and also saving time. 

For people who are fans of Windows, there is the Nokia Lumia Windows 710.  While technically not an official 4G phone, it is 4G capable and offers the ease of the Windows operating system.  It’s like having your PC on the go.  The touch-screen keyboard is what makes this phone look very sleek and sophisticated.

There are many other 4G phones on the market; these three are just a few so one can get an idea of what’s out there.  The 4G phones, which are quickly becoming the standard with telecom service providers, promise a great web browsing experience and make maximum use of 4G’s potential.

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