4 Rules to Know When Taking Electronics through Airport Security

Most air travelers feel one of the worst things about the experience these days is the brutal things that passengers have to endure courtesy of airline security. Groping, privacy invasion and public humiliation are just a few of the treats that passengers have been forced to accept via this dubious security force. Passengers who carry electronics have a lot to worry about. After all, these poorly trained and not-so-gentle TSA agents can easily ruin very expensive and delicate electronics devices. In order to keep this from happening to your electronics, follow these four rules to keep them safe.

4 Rules to Know When Taking Electronics through Airport Security

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1. Request Them to Do an Inspection by Hand

Many passengers are unaware that you have the right to ask that the TSA agents inspect your baggage by hand. TSA claims that their X-ray device will not damage electronics equipment, but that is open for debate. You want to ask them to do a search by hand to be on the safe side. Just be sure to ask them politely to do this search to prevent them from being rough with your things.

2. Use a Proper Carrying Case

The TSA recommends certain carrying cases to expedite passengers’ experience during the security screening process. Passengers can make sure they get one of these cases if they buy an ATA Certified Road Case. An ATA certified case will not only allow passengers to move quickly through the security screening, but they are also designed to handle the rough rigors that travel demands.

3. Never, Ever Check Your Electronics Devices

It seems like every other week there is another story about some TSA screener or airline employee stealing items or even entire suitcases from checked luggage. Do not become one of these poor victims. Don’t tempt these thieves by placing your expensive electronics in your checked luggage. Not only can they be stolen, but they are also likely to be damaged through the rough handling that the gorillas working in the baggage department use with the luggage in their care. Always carry electronics devices and other valuables in your carry-on luggage.

4. Be Careful at the Conveyor Belt

This is where lots of people lose their electronics items or get them damaged. Put all of your electronics devices in their own separate bins to ensure that they do not get damaged by other items. Also, take your time to make sure that you get all of your devices before you leave the security screening area.

Article by Brionna Kennedy

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