4 Essential IOS Apps For A Construction Worker

Nowadays, more and more construction workers, contractors, builders, architects, and all possible professionals in the construction industry are getting hooked on to mobile apps to get their jobs done. Yes, that right – looks like the construction industry has finally crossed the mark and embraced technology. There are literally thousands of amazing construction apps in the market these days for contractors and other construction workers to rely on. Here are six such incredible iOS construction apps that every construction worker must have a look at.


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Procore is a brilliant free app that will make construction project management seem easier than ever!  Contractors can use Procore’s construction project management cloud-based software on their iPhones and iPads to track, create, share and manage constructional project data or information. The app lets you manage, share and store other aspects such as job costs, punch list items, access contacts, daily job logs, log timecard entries, project photos, requests-for-information (RFIs), submittals, photos, directories, budgets and much more. Whatever data or information you store on Procore, it instantly gets synced to the web based construction software. Whether it’s about managing large commercial products or smaller residential projects, this is a perfect app for contractors.


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iBlueprint byLocal Slacks is a simple yet efficient app that is designed for builders, architects, contractors, estate agents as well as individual home owners, to generate and export custom floor plans. This is an app that comes in extremely handy for contractors, real-estate agents and builders who wish to have a look at blueprints on job sites or on the go!

Carpenter’s Helper

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Easily one of the most advanced and popular construction calculator apps, as the names suggests, Carpenter’s Helper offers a lot of helpful functions to a construction worker. Right from decking, to fencing, to framing, flooring, to calculating roof pitches, stair lengths, and rafter lengths, this amazing app can allow contractors and builders to pretty much calculate just about anything  as far as their construction project is concerned.

Roofing Calculator

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Roofing Calculator is a remarkable app that allows contractors and builders to get quick estimates and prices of various roofing materials, roofing costs as well as roof sizes. In order to estimate the price of a roof, all the app requires you to do is to put in information on the roof dimensions, roof tear-off options, chimney count, skylight count, the pitch of the roof, and other such details. After putting in all the details, you can calculate and get a wide range of roofing material costs and roof prices for that particular project. So install this amazing app if you’re looking for quick estimates and prices for any roof.

iQuick Contract Maker

iQuick Contract Maker is yet another cracking app that allows builders and contractors to create an email contracts to customers on the go, using a smart phone. The app uses pre-written information and a set of templates to quickly create and customize contracts for a particular project, industry, landscape or trade.

Finger CAD

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Finger CAD is essentially a CAD application that supports technical drawing with the help of your fingers. It literally allows you to draw apartment plans, bridges, houses, geometrical figures, designs and much more using your fingers. After the drawing is done, the final image can then be saved and sent via email. This app could come in extremely handy for students, engineers, architects and surveyors.

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